Hello fellow explorers!

I’m Bogdana, the wanderluster behind this website dedicated to uncovering the hidden treasures of Greece – from the big tourist sites to the small, local spots only the locals know.

My love for Greece sparked a few years ago when I embarked on my first solo backpacking trip. Of course, I had to see the top sights like the Acropolis and the white-washed buildings of Santorini. But what truly made the trip special were the undiscovered tavernas, the walks through quiet neighborhoods, and the conversations with locals that gave me a glimpse into Greek life.

As I traveled from towns to islands over the weeks, I realized I wanted to share this Greece beyond the postcards. The Greece filled with secret hikes to secluded beaches, family-run shops carrying on ancient traditions, and grandmas making spanakopita from old family recipes.

That’s why I started this website – to take fellow travelers by the hand and uncover the magic that lies beneath Greece’s surface. We’ll wander through winding alleyways, feast on meals locals have enjoyed for generations, and learn about customs that the guidebooks don’t mention.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a Greece aficionado, you’ve found a community for diving deeper. One for reveling in the icons while also venturing off the usual tourist track.

So come join me! Let’s get lost together in Greece’s bounty of food, scenery, history and culture. I can’t wait to share it all.